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Welcome to Infocaster.
We specialize in setting up and delivering automated lead capture, messaging, and follow up marketing solutions worldwide to any web enabled device*: (Mobiles, Tablets, Pc’s and Smart Tv’s.)

- Automate your web lead capture, list building and follow up process
- Drive more traffic to your business with state of the art messaging solutions
- Increase Customer Loyalty and connect with customers wherever they are.
- Deliver your sales material or catalogs with direct links to your sales team
- Make every Mobile on the planet a potential client portal
- Expand your market reach across the globe

The Mobile market is the next major marketing frontier...

Who can use it..?
Business, Coaching, Sale Alerts, Training, Inspirational, Horoscopes, etc..
- We can setup a free or paid membership service for you. If you have a message that needs to be delivered to a subscriber base, we can set it up for you through our automated sign up and follow up delivery system.

Whether you need a message delivered every day for a month or a
single message every week for a specified time, we can do it. is a division of
YesTV Interactive &



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